Workspace ONE Access Deployment (OVA appliance)

Once all the requirements are in place, proceed to import the VMware Workspace ONE Access appliance to vCenter. The appliance can be download form the VMware portal in the form of an OVA template.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have added a DNS entry for the appliance, and you can resolve the FQDN as well a reverse lookup.

Within vCenter, select the option to Deploy OVF Template.

Workspace ONE Access appliance deployment via vCenter

Browse to the location of the ova file, select it and click Next.

Enter the appropriate virtual machine name, select the location of the VM to be deployed and click Next.

Select the compute resource and click Next.

Click Next on the Review details window.

Review and accept the license agreements. Click Next.

Select the disk format, VM Storage Policy if any, and datastore. Click Next. Thin Provisioning was selected since this is a lab environment.

Select the Network and IP Allocation Settings and click Next.

The Deploy OVF Template has different options and you will need to scroll to enter the appropriate information. Note: According to the VMware documentation, Domain Name and Domain Search Path are not used and can be left blank. Click Next.

Review and click Finish.

Once the OVA is imported into vCenter, Power it on. Once the VM is powered on, it will proceed to initiate internal scripts so it will take a while before proceeding to the next step.

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