How to Enable Citrix XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent VDA Logging

This article describes how to enable Virtual Desktop Agent VDA Logging for Citrix XenDesktop. 1.  On your Virtual Desktop, create directory c:\XDLogs.  This can be named anything but you will need to adjust the value defined in the WorkstationAgent.exe.config file to match the name and path.   See Step 3.  This is the name utilized also … Read more

Citrix Personal vDisk Failed to Start Status Code 7 Error 0xb7

Issue On Citrix XenDesktop 5.6, you receive the following error when logging on to a desktop: Citrix Personal vDisk failed to start. Status code: 7 Error code: 0xb7 Cause Most likely the drive selected in Desktop Studio wizard user interface (or Provisioning Services XenDesktop wizard user interface) was “V”. Personal vDisk utilizes now two drive letters … Read more