SQL 2012 Express Installation Guide

This is a step by step guide for SQL 2012 Express installation, a basic SQL installation that can be utilized for basic needs or simply as an SQL Express witness server. In our guide, we have utilized SQL Server 2012 Express with Service Pack 1 including SQL Express Management Studio.

How to Add Additional Columns in Active Directory Users and Computers Console

This article describes how to add additional columns in Active Directory Users and Computers console as the current list of available columns is limited to a basic few ones.  This comes especially handy where the schema is extended and many of the extended attributes are not readily available for selection. One basic method is to … Read more

Create Custom Active Directory Attributes for User Properties

This is a guide on how to create custom Active Directory attributes where an existing attribute is not available.  For example, creating an attribute to hold the value of “Technical Department”.  This guide is utilizing Microsoft Windows 2008 R2. 1.  First ensure that the Schema Updates are enabled in the registry by configuring the following … Read more