Customize Citrix Workspace App Authentication Dialog Title Bar


This article describes how you can customize Citrix Workspace App authentication dialog title bar in order to identify authentication credentials needed. Typically this would be something that is applicable to organizations that may have a different Gateway and Storefront stores.  For example, a user may use the native Citrix Workspace App or native Citrix Receiver to login to multiple gateways with different credentials.  A typical issue that occurs with having the native clients configured with multiple accounts is the native application will prompt you for a username and password, but you are not sure which credentials to utilize.

The screenshot below shows a Citrix Workspace App authentication dialog (native Citrix Receiver dialog is similar but with a gray icon), but there is nothing in this dialog to help you identify which credentials to utilize.  The title bar only displays: “Citrix Workspace“.  You could possibly have an internal account, but also one that it is configured for an external account.

Customize Citrix Workspace App default login prompt

After implementing the changes, the authentication title bar could display something like the following:

Citrix Workspace App after customization

Note: If, for example, you utilize different Storefront stores with the same pass-through authentication credentials, the authentication prompts may never appear and these steps may not be of value.

Instructions on how to customize Citrix Workspace App

Citrix provides documentation on three options on how to customize the Citrix Receiver but this also applies to Citrix Workspace App.  From the documented options, it appears that the NetScaler ADC option with AppExpert Rewrite is the most advantageous assuming that Storefront stores are hosted behind an ADC and you have the appropriate licensing – Rewrite feature.

NetScaler ADC with AppExpert

In order to achieve this, you will need to enable the Rewrite feature.  In the following steps, we first create a Rewrite Action first, create a Rewrite Policy with the Rewrite Action and then bind the policy to our Gateway server.

GUI Implementation

Navigate to AppExpert, Rewrite, Actions and click on Add.  Enter the name of the action, select INSERT_HTTP_HEADER as the type, enter X-Citrix-AM-Title in Header Name and in Expression enter the title you want to use.  In the case, a leading space has been added in order to distinguish the icon from the name.

Then in AppExpert, Rewrite, Policies, click Add.  Enter a name, in Action select the action that was created, and in Expression select true.  Note:  Remember that you can always adjust the Expression condition to something else if you so desire.

Then navigate to Citrix Gateway, Virtual Servers, click on your gateway virtual server, Policies and bind the Rewrite policy.  Note that this is a Response policy.

Citrix Workspace App Rewrite Policy Binding

CLI Implementation

Simply replace the bold items with your labels and content.

add rewrite action RW_ACT_INSERT_TITLE_HEADER_GATEWAY_CONNECT insert_http_header X-Citrix-AM-Title “\” Company XYZ – US Connect Gateway\””


bind vpn vserver GATEWAY_CONNECT -policy RW_POL_INSERT_TITLE_HEADER_US_CONNECT -priority 50 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type RESPONSE

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Assuming that the NetScaler ADC option is not available, you can add the X-Citrix-AM-Title header in IIS.  Note that if you have multiple IIS servers, you will need to implement it on all servers.

In IIS Manager, navigate to Sites, Default Web Site or the appropriate site, Authentication and click on HTTP Response Headers.

IIS Headers

Click Add and enter X-Citrix-AM-Title as the header name and the value that you wish to utilize.

NetScaler ADC index.html Customization

This option involves modifying the index.html file which is not recommended and always risky.  Typically Citrix will not support such customizations and these files may get overwritten during upgrades.

In this scenario, you will be basically hard-coding the header into the index.html file as below:

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>NetScaler Gateway</TITLE>
<link rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” href=”/vpn/images/AccessGateway.ico” type=”image/”>
<META http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″>
<META http-equiv=”X-Citrix-AM-Title” content=”Company XYZ – US Connect Gateway”>
<META content=noindex,nofollow,noarchive name=robots>
<LINK href=”/vpn/images/caxtonstyle.css” type=text/css rel=STYLESHEET>



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