Configure Workspace ONE Access Settings

Configure Access Settings

After the appliance is deployed, you use the Setup wizard to configure the Workspace ONE Access settings.  Mainly you will be configuring the passwords for the management accounts, admin, root and sshuser and also configure the database.  In most cases, and external database will be used.

To perform the initial configuration, you will need to access the Setup page from https://FQDN:8443/cfg/setup.

Additionally, you will need to have configure the connection string and provide the database account and password.

Click Continue on the initial Welcome page.

Setup Wizard Welcome Page

Enter passwords for the admin, root and SSH users and click continue. Follow your organization’s security policy on configuring and storing the passwords securely. Click Continue.

Set Passwords Page

Next we will need to configure the Database settings. There are two choices: Internal Database and External Database. VMware does not recommend the Internal Database option for production environments. Here we will configure the External Database option which will be a Microsoft SQL database. Ideally this Microsoft SQL database will reside on an SQL cluster and preferably on an Always-On cluster with fail-over capabilities to another site.

To complete this task, ensure that the appliances can communicate with each other. Remember that an SQL cluster may not be utilizing the default port 1433, so ensure that traffic to the appropriate port is allowed.

In this instance, since we are utilizing Windows Authentication for the SQL (and not also not utilizing Always-On), the following syntax is used:


Enter the hostname or IP and port, database name and domain name (not fqdn). Do not include the angle brackets. If the Test Connection fails with the fqdn, try the IP address option to ensure that there is no network connection issue.

It will take a bit to configure the system until the Setup is complete.


Configure Workspace ONE Access to Use an External Database

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