Citrix NetScaler Upgrade Error – No space left on /flash/ filesystem

You may receive the following error when trying to upgrade the firmware of a NetScaler: “Error: No space left on /flash/ filesystem, aborting

“Error: No space left on /flash/ filesystem, aborting installation…”

“installns: [1455]: Error: No space left on /flash/ filesystem, aborting installation…”

Citrix NetScaler Error 1455

Citrix article CTX133588 documents how to free space from directory /var but freeing space from /var does not resolve the issue.  Check space by using Putty, and run the following commands:


df -h

NetScaler Check Free Space

As you can see, the /flash directory is practically full.  Most likely contains previous firmware updates.


Navigate to the /flash directory and delete previous firmware versions.  In our example, we are utilizing WinSCP for those that prefer a GUI option.

NetScaler Delete Previous Firmware Versions

Execute command df -h to check available free space and proceed to upgrade the firmware.  Most likely, capacity should be quite less than 90%, the above example shows capacity at 98%.


How to Free Space From /var Directory of NetScaler Appliance When Unable to Log on to NetScaler GUI

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