Citrix Command Center


Citrix Command Center is a “hidden gem” that is not very well known.  Citrix Command Center is a management and monitoring product for the following products:

  • NetScaler (MPX,VPX,SDX) – Standard, Enterprise & Platinum License
  • NetScaler AppFirewall
  • Citrix CloudBridge
  • NetScaler Gateway
  • ByteMobile Traffic Director

There isn’t much information available but Citrix Command Center can be considered as something of EdgeSight for the devices above.  Citrix Command Center supports a wide variety of versions of the above products and can be installed on both Windows Server but also on some flavors of Linux OS.

The product was previously limited to some editions like NetScaler Enterprise & Platinum, but now it is available free of charge for any of the products listed above.

Citrix Command Center Overview


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